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November 14, 2013
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Important! If it stops at the preloader right-click, make sure Loop is checked and press Forward until it starts.

(Also, it might take a moment to load...)

Loki has been returned to Asgard to answer for his crimes and, following shawarma, the Avengers are taking a well-earned break at Stark Tower.

With this interactive playset you can recreate scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, create your own comic panels or simply take a look around the tiny pixel Stark Tower. Unlock bonus options and find hidden goodies by placing certain characters in certain rooms or by discovering hidden triggers. Some of them might be a little tricky to find but keep trying and I'm sure you'll unlock everything in no time.

Please Note that there is currently no save function. I know this might be a little frustrating so I do apologise for that but I cannot get the save feature to work with all the elements it would need to store. If anyone can help me with saving position, current frame and visibility of movieclips and the current state of unloaded mcs, please get in touch.


- Click on the character and comic icons to add objects to the stage. Click again to deactivate them.
- Change outfits by clicking on the options in the character menu.
- If you close the menu you can reopen it by clicking on any of the computers in Stark Tower.
- Keep track of the items you've unlocked and uncovered with the score counters and checklist.
- Drag frames and emotes over your scenes to create your own comic panel.


- Art & programming by Laura Hunt
- Marvel's The Avengers Marvel Studios
- Disclaimer: This game is non-profit and was made purely for my own enjoyment.

I posted a preview of this over on Facebook nearly a year ago to the day. And after being buried at the back of my hard drive for all that time I've finally finished it. It took a lot of work, both for the graphics and for the programming (and then more time for the programming when it decided to go wrong) but these types of Flash pieces will never stop being fun to make. I love pixels and I love Flash and I love details and I love hidden references and I cannot wait to start work on a new game. Or two. But for now I'll enjoy this one and I invite you guys to enjoy it too.

And, yes, okay, perhaps some of the secret options are a bit tricky to unlock but I have faith that you'll be able to find them all eventually. Like before, I'm not going to tell you how to unlock anything (because that kind of takes the fun out of it) but feel free to share what you've found and how you did it in the comments. Between you all I have no doubt you'll have everything figured out in no time at all.

Oh, and "Because... Boomerangs", Bro and Dog Cops all come from Matt Fraction's amazing HAWKGUY. If you're not reading this you're doing something wrong.


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