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February 8
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[Flele Shell] Takashi - Spice Shower Ver. by Gasara [Flele Shell] Takashi - Spice Shower Ver. by Gasara
Flele is an animated music player for your desktop that can take the shape of a character. When music is playing, the character will move as though he is singing to you.

Here's Takashi in his Spice Shower attire ready to perform just for you. Watch him as he sings along to your favourite music. In addition to the singing animation, when music is playing the stage lights will light up and change colour. Takashi's hand also moves on the microphone and if you caress him he will react in some way...

Instructions are included in the download. Links to information about Flele and help files can be found below. Please read the F.A.Q & Troubleshooting article before downloading if this is your first time using Flele.


- Takashi Genouzono from FAIRY FORE in his Spice Shower outfit
- Four different types of animation
- Decorated base
- All option buttons clearly displayed

- F.A.Q & Troubleshooting
- Terms of Use

Additional notes: FAIRY FORE are my favourite band. Words cannot describe how much I love them. They may have disbanded now but they're currently living on in the form of Lucy Monostone so it's all good. Takashi's outfit might be familiar as I've drawn various characters wearing it over the years. FAIRY FORE's live DVD, Spice Shower, where this outfit comes from, is most definitely one of my most treasured possessions ♥
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TheQueensGoneMad Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I dragged and dropped the music onto Takashi, but no sound... ;w; I made sure my speakers weren't muted and the volume was up. ...Help? ;w;
Where do you put the music files? ;w; i'm lost...
You can drag your mp3s straight from your music file onto the Flele player. This will automatically add them to your playlist.
Hm, after opening the flele player's folder, where do I put the music files? ;w;
As far as I'm aware you don't add music files to the folder at all. Just drag your mp3s from your music folder onto the open Flele player and they'll be added to your playlist.
oh~ I'll try that and let you know later ^^ thanks~
AtlasLi Feb 8, 2014  New member  Digital Artist
omy gosh I hope you make more! I love this, the best I've seen yet :'D

I do indeed have a couple more lined up... :la:

Thanks so much, m'dear!

rashuvast Feb 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Nevermind I figured it out, I just saw the buttons. Emoji31 
Okey-dokey! :dance:
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