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deviantART Customisation FAQ

Wed Jul 23, 2014, 11:26 AM

Basic CSS Style Guide

Wed Jul 23, 2014, 11:16 AM


CSS is a style language used to define the style and formatting of web pages. It is used in conjunction with HTML.

If we think of HTML as the building blocks of the web then, essentially, CSS is the painter and decorator. Very simply, HTML defines the structure of the page and CSS defines the style.

What I'll be helping you with here is getting to grips with the basics of CSS. I'll be explaining how use CSS as well as providing a number of examples that you can use to style your own web pages and journals. All you need to do is copy/paste the code and replace the sample text with your own content. Along with the quick reference I've also written a brief glossary of terms and provided a list of useful links in case you wish to do some further reading.

A point of note is that while the information and examples I've given here apply to CSS use anywhere on the web, this guide itself is geared towards the use of CSS on deviantART. As such, and given that this has been created as a basic guide and quick reference, you may require further reading to make the most of CSS's capabilities.

As always, if you have any questions or problems just let me know.

How To

CSS is written in the following format.

selector {property:value;}

The selector selects the element to be styled, the property defines the aspect of that element to be styled and the value defines the way the element will be styled. Let's look at a complete example to see how it works.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

In this example we're saying that we want the colour (property) of all h1 (selector) elements to be dark grey (value).

You can specify a number of properties and values for the same element.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;text-transform:uppercase;}

In the above example we're saying that we want the colour of all h1 elements to be dark grey and written in uppercase letters.

Now, CSS contains the information for styling elements but it can't act on it's own. HTML elements are needed to create content for those styles to then be applied to. Let's look at an example of how this works.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}
<h1>sample text</h1>

In the CSS we're saying that the h1 header elements should be dark grey. In the HTML we're declaring the sample text as a h1 element. The CSS will read the HTML <h1> tags and colour the text in-between them dark grey.

CSS on deviantART can be used in journal and gallery skins. For journals, the HTML will be written along with your normal journal text in the editor and the CSS will be written in the journal's Edit Skin area. For galleries, the HTML will be written in the description box and the CSS will be written in the Add CSS area.


Selectors determine the element to be styled. There are a number of different selector types you can use depending on the desired outcome.

Element Selectors target the content of HTML tags based on the element name. The example below says that all paragraph text should be dark grey.

p {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p>sample text</p>

id Selectors target the content of HTML tags based on a specified id. The id should be unique and used for a single element on the page.  Id selectors are signified in CSS by a hash tag preceding the id name. The HTML element should include the text id="..." within the opening tag.

The example below says that paragraph text with the 'intro' id should be dark grey.

#intro {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p id="intro">sample text</p>

Class Selectors target the content of HTML tags based on a specified class name. Elements using the same class can be used multiple times on the page. Class selectors are signified in CSS by a full stop preceding the class name. The HTML element should include the text class="..." within the opening tag.

The example below says that any element with the 'info' class should be dark grey. In this case any <a> tag, <p> tag or any other tag including the 'info class' will be styled.

.info {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p class="info">sample text</p>

The example below says that any paragraph text with the 'info' class should be dark grey. In this case only <p> tags including the 'info' class will be affected. <a> tags, for example, containing the 'info' class will not be styled.

CSS {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p class="info">sample text</p>

You can use your own id and class names. Just remember to make sure that the class or id name you use in the HTML matches what you've written in the CSS.


The reference list below gives examples of a number of common properties that you can use to style your pages and journals. Simply replace the green text in each example with your own values. If there are limited acceptable values for a property then the options are given underneath the example. Where a numerical or hex value are required you can enter any valid value.


specifies the font to be used
font-family: arial;
times new roman, georgia, arial, etc

specifies the size of the text
font-size: 12px;
insert a value

styles text as italic or normal
font-style: italic;
normal, italic

styles text as bold or normal
font-weight: bold;
normal, bold

sets the text colour
color: #000000;
insert a hex value

inserts space between letters
letter-spacing: 2px;
insert a value

aligns text
text-align: right;
left, right, center, justify

strikes out or underlines text
text-decoration: none;
none, underline, line-through

sets text to uppercase or lowercase letters
text-transform: uppercase;
uppercase, lowercase


sets the background colour
background-color: #ffffff;
hex value, transparent

sets a background image
background-image: url(;
insert your image URL.

repeats background image / used with background-image property
background-repeat: repeat-x;
repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y, no-repeat

creates a border around an element
border: 1px solid #4f4f4f;
solid, dotted, dashed

creates rounded border corners / used with border property
border-radius: 5px;
insert a value


creates space around the outside of an element
margin: 10px auto 10px auto;
insert a value for each side (top-right-bottom-left)

creates space inside an element
padding: 10px auto 10px auto;
insert a value for each side (top-right-bottom-left)

floats an element left or right
float: left;
left, right

specifies the type of positioning used for an element
position: absolute;
absolute, relative

sets the width of an element
width: 50px;
insert a value

sets the height of an element
height: 50px;
insert a value

specifies what type of box to use for an element
display: none;
none, inline, block


CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a style language used to define the style and formatting of web pages.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language used to create web pages.

Selectors specify the element to be styled. Below we are selecting all h1 header elements to be styled.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

Properties are the different aspects of style that can be defined. Below we are defining the colour of all h1 header elements.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

Values define the way elements are styled. Below were are saying we want all h1 header element to be dark grey.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

Tags are used to define layout and styles. Tag names are enclosed in angle brackets and usually come in pairs consisting of an opening tag and closing tag. The closing tag includes a forward slash before the tag name.
<tag> </tag>

URL (uniform resource locator) refers to the specific location of an item on the internet. It is also refered to as a web address and is used to identify and link to specific pages and content.

Hex codes are a string of six digits and letters preceeded by a hash tag used to define a certain colour.


Helpful Links

deviantART Customisation FAQ
A list of the most frequently asked questions regarding customising your deviantART account. Answers include information and instructions.

Basic HTML Formatting Guide
A quick guide to formatting content with HTML.

A comprehensive information resource covering all aspects of HTML.

Hex and RGB values
Get hex and rgb numbers for any colour

Google Fonts
A collection of Open Source fonts you can use on your pages for free.

Daily Deviation #6

Tue Jul 15, 2014, 11:58 AM
Well, wasn't that the most wonderful surprise! I was just checking dA before I started work this morning and saw a comment about a DD. At first I thought 'But memory f i s h hasn't been featured as a Daily Deviation' - and then I woke up a bit and realised that obviously it had now. I really just wanted to be excited all over the internet but unfortunately I had to start work as soon as I found out. You have no idea of the agony I endured not being able to flail on dA until some 9 or so hours later.

memory f i s h by Gasara

Thank you so, so much for the feature, cinyu! It truly means the world to me. :tighthug:

I actually feel strangely emotional and just want to cling to you all while I'm desperately sobbing. Don't worry, I shan't do that - but I want to, just so you know. I just... I'm constantly overwhelmed by the really kind reactions to my artwork. And completely humbled by them.

I love you guys. I really, really do.
My bros ♥

- Laura

For those of you who missed out the first time, All Things Gasara is now available to pre-order (again). This second print run comes with a blue variant cover and a limited art card.

The pre-order period runs from Wednesday 9th July until Sunday 31st August. The books will then be sent out during the first week of September. Please take note of this before you order!

And as a thank you to my friends and followers here's a discount code to get you 15% off your order. Just enter 15BRO during checkout. This offer is only valid during the pre-order period.

For more information about the book and to order click on the link below:…

- Laura x

P.S. You may have noticed that I've been absent again. I've been busy with work and commissions but as I've nearly finished everything on my epic to-do-list I should be back with you very soon. Which I'm really pleased about because I've missed you guys. Big hugs and much love to you all. :hug:

What a Wonderful World

Mon Mar 17, 2014, 1:56 PM

Miyavi @ Shepherd's Bush Empire
Also known as 'I am so embarrassing.'

The day started with MYVxKIRITO, the usual nerves (the nerves of a country bumpkin heading to the big city) and a pleasant train journey. It was swiftly followed by the crushing fear of the tube (the fear of a country bumpkin on an underground train) and the relief of checking into the hotel without incident (for us this is a nice surprise).

We headed to the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, navigating ridiculous road crossings, and encountered the usual chaos of The Queue.

There’s always a tangible sense of confusion surrounding which queue is for which ticket holder and we bumbled around until I finally asked someone where we were meant to be. With a cheery ‘Thanks!’ I headed back to MYVxKIRITO and herded us to the correct queue. A few minutes later a security man came up to us and asked if we were VIP ticket holders. We answered in the affirmative and he replied with a jaunty ‘You’re in the right queue then.’ Over the course of the night that man became a hero. He was friendly, funny, helpful and just all-round brilliant. There’s nothing I appreciate more at gigs than good security staff. He actively approached fans to make sure they knew where they were going and to point them in the right direction if they didn’t. He came round a little later to give out purple wristbands to the fanclub members (of which MYVxKIRITO is one) and then to give out gold ones to the VIP ticket holders (of which MYVxKIRITO was also one).

It was at this point that I started to really regret my decision not to join the fanclub (a decision made on the basis that two of us registering from the same house may have looked a little shady) but nevertheless my little gold wristband was enough to remind me of how lucky I was. The rest of The Wait was spent in nervous, excited anticipation.

6:45 rolled around sooner than expected and the fanclub members were soon allowed in. Within minutes, if that, the VIP crowd followed. With my ticket checked I was ushered straight past the merch stand and into the hall where I quickly spotted MYVxKIRITO in her James May cardigan. I sidled up, shimmied in and together we amazed at our position at the barrier, right in front of the mic. We took it all in with the familiar combination of awe and impatience, shifting from one uncomfortable position to the next, until the sound check, the arrival of the photographers and then the dimming of the lights.

And it began.

And it’s at this point things get a little hazy.

There was Bobo – in his tiny shorts on his tiny drum kit – and Miyavi – in an open see-through shirt, chest bared to the world – and that was that. Their time on stage is just a blur of colour and movement, raw vocals and epic guitar. In-between songs Miyavi addressed the crowd with such passion and emotion, talking about the hardships we all endure – both the big problems in the world and our own personal troubles – and that, for one night, we could throw them away and just enjoy. He spoke of music and how it broke down barriers, that it didn’t matter if we were Japanese or British, what language we spoke or where we were, that we were all connected through the music. United. And when he played, there was no doubt of that.

Personal highlights were Day 1, with which he stormed into the set, and What a Wonderful World, with which he raised the roof. But the stripped back rendition of kimi ni negai wo actually hurt. It’s a favourite of mine and it was played with such emotion, such sincerity, and with the star-like lights circling the stage it was just so painfully beautiful. I turned to MYVxKIRITO at the end to find her not at all okay from it all and so I held her hand and together we swayed our way through Guard You until she found her ability to can again.

Of course there was more, so much more, but it’s difficult to remember it coherently. There are flashes of a brilliant smile, one-sided banter with Bobo, exquisite riffs performed with a back arched so low, the cling of zebra-print trousers, the glimpse of Don’t hesitate & go and the echo of that wonderful, beautiful voice. Though, of course, it shall all forever be eclipsed by ‘fish and chips’, a running gag that seemed to very much run away from Miyavi. It will go down in history with ‘tube map on his arse’.

And in what seemed like the blink of an eye it was all over. Miyavi posed in front of the crowd for a photo, we called his name and as he walked off stage he punched the air in a show of exhilaration that mirrored that of the fans. It was a lovely thing to see, a private gesture that allowed us to see that it meant as much to him as it did to us.

With the ghost of his voice still playing in my head I turned to MYVxKIRITO and together we set about tracking down the location of the meet and greet. We asked every member of the security team we came across for directions until we finally found ourselves in line up in the highest level of the venue. MYVxKIRITO was directed to the back of the queue with the other fanclub members.

My VIP ticket allowed me to have a photo taken with Miyavi (and three complete strangers – hello, photo bros!) which was lovely but awkward (Oh lord, please don’t document my face). After the photo he said something briefly to one of the other fans and then turned to me. We shook hands (so polite) and then words happened. I’d prepared for the moment, rehearsing what I was going to say all day. It was going to be something cool like ‘The show was awesome.’ Or ‘Good luck with your film.’ But no. In that moment as we released from the handshake, I looked up at him and said ‘Thank you. That was wonderful.’

That. Was. Wonderful.

I could not have been more formally English if I had tried.

Miyavi was smiling though and he didn’t look confused or horrified so I might have got away with it. I’ve heard he likes English accents so I’m going to believe that he was blown away by my utter polite, formal Englishness. In any case, I left.


Outside, where I was waiting for MYVxKIRITO to emerge from her fanclub meeting with Miyavi, I listened to the tales of other fans – many of whom also succumbed to panic-speak – and finally looked at the card that had been passed to me as I fled. It was a signed postcard, the date and location of the gig written in silver pen over a wonderful photo of Miyavi. That, and the gold wristband still on my wrist, are a nice memento. The only mementos, really, as by the time I came out the merch stands had been closed off.

When MYVxKIRITO finally staggered out, looking somewhat dazed and with a freshly signed membership card case (‘He asked me what my name was. I was like: <prolonged, panicked silence> Oh! Jayme.’) we decided to hang around to see if we could catch a glimpse of him leaving. Happily we caught more than a glimpse. Bobo appeared first, loading a case into the back of a minivan before disappearing again. Shortly after Miyavi came out and waved at the small group of fans loitering outside. We waved back and waved some more as the minivan rolled slowly backwards out into the road and carried him away towards his next gig. The small crowd dispersed and MYVxKIRITO and I stopped off at the petrol station for some grapes and a drink before heading back to our hotel.

We laughed out our embarrassment and waxed lyrical about the night until the grapes were near gone and alarms were set. And as I drifted off to sleep, in the surprisingly warm cocoon of a budget hotel duvet, I marvelled at the wonder of it all. As I’m still marvelling at it now.

Basic HTML Formatting Guide

Sat Oct 5, 2013, 8:39 AM


HTML is a markup language used to create web pages. It primarily consists of content placed between named tags that define the layout or style of that content.

Is it just me or does trying to explain HTML and what it does always seem to make it sound more complicated than it actually is? Very simply, HTML is the building blocks of the web. With it you can create a web page right from the foundations of the layout to the finishing touches of style. Don't get me wrong, it is a fairly involved topic but it really is quite simple to pick up the basics.

What I'll be helping you with here is the formatting aspect of HTML. These are the things that add colour to your page and make your font fancy.

Below you will find a number of examples of HTML formatting that you can use to style your own web pages, dA profiles and journals. All you need to do is copy/paste the code and replace the sample text with your own content. Along with the quick reference I've also written a brief glossary of terms and provided a list of useful links in case you wish to do some further reading.

As always, if you have any questions or problems just let me know.

Text Formatting

Bold text
<b> sample text </b>

<strong> sample text </strong>

<em> sample text </em>

<i> sample text </i>

<small> sample text </small>

<sup> sample text </sup>

<sub> sample text </sub>

<strike> sample text </strike>

<s> sample text </s>

Deleted text
<del> sample text </del>

Inserted text
<ins> sample text </ins>

<u> sample text </u>

<code> sample text </code>

| Blockquote
<blockquote> sample text </blockquote>

<h3> sample text </h3>
You can define h3 - h6

Font Formatting

Replace the green text in the examples below with your own values.

<font face="verdana"> sample text </font>

<font size="3"> sample text </font>
You can define sizes from 1-7

<font color="#888888"> sample text </font>
<font color="white"> sample text </font>
<font color="rgb(255,255,255)"> sample text </font>
You can define colour using the colour name, hex code or rgb number. Please note that the font color attribute does not work on deviantART profiles.

Paragraphs & Breaks

<p> sample text </p>
Adds a margin around a block of text

sample text <br> sample text
Moves following text to the line underneath. It has no end tag.

Horizontal rule
sample text <hr> sample text
Creates a line to separate sections of content

Layout & Alignment

<div> sample text </div>
Creates a block within which to display content. Used for creating different sections on a web page.

<span> sample text </span>
Defines an area of text that can be styled in-line. It doesn't do anything by itself but allows the use of attributes to style a certain section of text.

<div align="center">sample text</div>
Aligns content.


<img src="">
Used to display images. Replace the green text with your image URL


Text link
<a href=""> sample text </a>
Creates a clickable text link. Replace the green text with your page URL.

Image link
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
Creates a clickable image link. Replace the green text with your page URL. Replace the blue text with your image URL.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language used to create web pages.

Tags are used to define layout and styles. Tag names are enclosed in angle brackets and usually come in pairs consisting of an opening tag and closing tag. The closing tag includes a forward slash before the tag name.
<tag> </tag>

Element refers to the entire content of a pair of tags, including the text between.
<tag> content </tag>

Attributes can be added to an element to further define them. They come in name/value pairs in the form name="value"
<tag color="red"> sample text </tag>

URL (uniform resource locator) refers to the specific location of an item on the internet. It is also refered to as a web address and is used to identify and link to specific pages and content.

Hex codes are a string of six digits and letters preceeded by a hash tag used to define a certain colour.

RGB numbers use a combination of red, green and blue numerical values to define a colour.

Helpful Links

deviantART Customisation FAQ
A list of the most frequently asked questions regarding customising your deviantART account. Answers include information and instructions.

Basic CSS style Guide
A quick guide to styling HTML content with CSS.

A comprehensive information resource covering all aspects of HTML.

Hex and RGB values
Get hex and rgb numbers for any colour

Google Fonts
A collection of Open Source fonts you can use on your pages for free.

A Bedtime Story

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 24, 2013, 2:26 PM

Let me tell you a story. 

It all started with the Wii.

There's a longwinded tale about how Wii bowling led to Wii Fitness which led to Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles which led to RE Darkside Chronicles but I'll spare you that. All you need to know is that rekindling my love for Resident Evil reminded me of the fanfic I wrote many years ago. In fact, there were two fics affectionately titled Rookie1 and Resbox2. Rookie was set before the Mansion Incident and dealt with Rebecca joining S.T.A.R.S and the initial investigation into the cannibal murders. Resbox was set after Code: Veronica and followed the survivors of the games up to that point as they hid out in France and decided how to go about taking down umbrella.

I was seventeen and they were terrible.

Regardless, upon being reminded of the existence of these fics I decided I wanted to read them and soon set about tracking them down.

Now, I've always been about 10 years behind in terms of technology or, just y'know, anything remotely modern and those fics were written on a very old computer that was given to us by family friends. It ran Windows for Workgroups, guys, Windows for Workgroups. I still have the computer because of all the treasures trapped inside but unfortunately the monitor no longer works and it's seemingly impossible to track a replacement down. Fortunately I had printed out those stories way back in the day and stored them with a load of other printed work in amongst piles of computer paper I had seen fit to draw on. So off I went to dig them out and in the process I found sections from other stories I had written and forgotten about. This time they were original stories, inspired by other things, yes, but original. These had chapter titles but were never really given full, proper titles so I refer to them now as Gladsheim Angel and Neuronet - also affectionately titled Sci-Fi fic and Police fic, respectively.

Sci-Fi fic came first and wasa space-based story inspired greatly by Andromeda with its salvaged warship, the Gladsheim Angel, its incredibly aware AI, and an unlikely crew assembled through unlikely meetings. Dalett Cshesta3 gained ownership of an antique warship before falling victim to some shady medical experimentation. His blood was infused with cells from an advance human being, known as a Hyper, and the story follows his mission to find out who did it to him and for what purpose. Helping him is a woman named Vessa, the daughter of a doctor connected with the facility where Dalett's blood was infected. Then there's Brekke, a genetically engineered being who can shift between the forms of various species, and Tyarn, a Hyper who was held in the facility that created Brekke and many other genetic anomalies. Valkyrie joins a little later, a cat-like xenobiologist working for Vessa's father and Ilasnay, a young man who knows - quite literally - all there is to know about technology.

The character of Ilasnay, the only human member of the crew, was renamed Toby4 a little later and featured in a one-shot I wrote for a fanzine called Fantastic Realms5. It followed his experience in a military prison during an air raid. He gets out of his cell only to be confronted with the results of illegal genetic engineering and bio-organic weapons manufacture. Very Res. While he's trying to find a way out - and to survive - he meets other characters who it is hinted at have a connection to other members of the Gladsheim Angel crew. It ends on a rather macabre note with Toby becoming a test subject for technological experiments and being left to die. I was a lovely, sunny child. Fear not, though, Toby was later found in the follow-up fic, saved and patched up but ultimately ended up back in prison. Very sunny.

His case was picked up by Claire Seaker6, an old colleague from back before he joined the crew of the Angel. Years previously the police department had tested a new machine that was capable of linking directly into a person's brain and feeding back images. It could also be used to send someone's subconscious into the brain of another person7. Of course, things didn't go well. Toby, a technological genius, was overseeing the trials in which Claire's brother took part. Something went wrong and Christian8 ended up in a coma, Toby ended up taking the fall and was forced out of the department, hence his career change. However, despite the blame she placed on Toby for her brother's 'death'9, once Claire found out about his imprisonment and suffering she immediately went to his aid. The story then continued with Claire uncovering the extent of the illegal bio-engineering and neurological experimentation and trying to expose it, all the while trying to keep herself and Toby alive. Again, very sunny.

But why, you may be asking, am I telling you this? Because these fics are old, and unfinished and what I have of them is badly written, though incredibly well researched and thought out. You should see the pages and pages of notes I have about star systems, technological theories, time and date systems, alien species, currency, languages... I put my heart and soul into these things. I didn't just write stories I created worlds. And these worlds continue where the stories don't. The Isle of Albion from Fantasy10 fic now houses To the Soul and In Fang + Thief. Genetic experients once locked away in a detention centre on Vatarn now roam the wilds of Kilfney. Over the years I kept picking up bits and pieces from here and there and reimagining them or rehoming them. But having found the original material again I am struck by how much I still love those stories. I still ache for Toby and the terrible hand he's been dealt and I still wholeheartedly ship the volatile relationship between Dalett and Vessa.

Nowadays you guys know of Masa and of Jun. You're so gracious to love and cheer for these characters I've only given you glimpses of thus far. And these are the characters that you'll get to see grow and the stories you'll get to read.

My other guys, though, the ones I had before dA. These are the characters that will probably stay locked away in that box under my bed. They'll probably never get their stories told in the epic novels I envisaged writing as teenager. But I want them to live on. I wanted to share them with you so that in some small way they could be known and recognised. So that these characters that I slaved over and loved could be more than just scribbled words on a scrap of paper.

More than that, though, I feel that I've reconnected with a part of myself that had been lost in time, that ambitous teenager who spent 8 hours a day researching and writing. When I look back I feel really proud of what I set out to achieve and what I managed to accomplish, even if the two never really balanced.

And so with that realisation we come to the end of the tale. But if this tale's taught me anything it's taught me this: There aren't so much beginnings and endings as evolution and growth. Everything is connected and it's all a part of you, it's what makes you and nurtures you.

So treasure everything.



1 So-called because Rebecca was a rookie at that point.

2 I bought a Gamecube solely so I could play Resident Evil Remake. It became affectionately known as the Resbox. Res(ident Evil) Box(Cube).

3 Any Escaflowne fans out there?

4 Named after Tobey Maguire but based on Wayne Murray from Thirteen:13.

5  A Sci-Fi and Fantasy fanzine for artists and writers. The one-shot was for a competition to write a story about genetics inspired or influenced by a song. This was written to Showbiz by Muse and 50 Stories by Thirteen:13 - two very intense, dark and emotional songs. The links go to YouTube and I do recommend listening if you want some angsty feels.

6 This is a very old handle of mine, back before I was Gasara.

7 I had read about the film The Net.

8 Claire and Chris, anyone?

9 Though the machine kept him in a form of coma he was technically dead. He was often referred to as being killed or being dead even though his body was still connected to the machine in a form of stasis.

10 Fantasy fic was written while I was still at school, somewhere around 13 or 14 years ago. I literally wrote it at school, mostly in history lessons. It was about a girl called Lavinia and her experiences living in the family inn and later on the castle of the king. It was heavily influenced by Jackaroo by Cynthia Voigt. The countries of Mercia, Owrystia, Landenyn, Danethan and Kilfney first appeared in this story though the isle wasn't called Albion until To the Soul.


Daily Deviation #5

Fri May 31, 2013, 2:46 PM

Whenever I'm presented with something this wonderful and lovely I really struggle to know what to say. My sister, MYVxKIRITO, said a simple 'Thanks, bro.' would suffice but I'm not sure that carries all the feels I want to convey. Close but not quite!

There's so many views on DDs, what they mean, how they should be considered, but to me they will always be special. This, my fifth, is still as amazing and humbling as the first. And this one in particular means so much because it's a really personal piece, one that I really feel contains a little bit of me and captures the sense of everything I love. So thank you.

rydi1689, you're such a lovely and wonderful person. You're a real star for everything that you do for the Manga and Anime community, and for the work you did as the Fan Art CV. I really admire your dedication and enthusiasm so for this to come from you is a real honour. Thank you so much ♥

And, oh dear, I feel like I'm gushing a little bit. This year didn't start off brilliantly and this month in particular's been a struggle so this is just a very surprising and very welcome little bit of joy. I'm afraid it's made me a little emotional! Luckily for you guys I don't have time right now to write much more so I'll just leave you with the promise that I'll reply to all your comments as soon as possible. Oh, and hello to all my new watchers! Thanks for dropping by ♥

Goodness, I love you guys...

The Lute and the Horn by Gasara


Free Resource Terms of Use

Journal Entry: Sun May 12, 2013, 11:24 AM

Thank you for taking an interest in my free resources. Please read through the rules below before using any of my graphics.


You May Edit Colours

You may edit the colours of any pixel decorations, dividers, stamp borders, backgrounds and doll bases.

 Please note that you may not edit the colours of premade character avatars or character icons.



You May Add to Bases

You may use bases to create your own graphics. Bases are clearly labeled as such and include stamp borders, doll bases and avatar templates. Stamp borders may be filled with content but the frame itself must remain unchanged. Doll bases may have hair, clothes and accessories added but the base itself must remain unchanged.

In all cases you may recolour the base providing you do not edit its original structure (see Do Not Edit below).


You May Use in Artwork

Backgrounds may be used in any artwork. Pixel graphics may be used as accents to your work only (you may use graphics to decorate a stamp, for example, but not as part of an illustrated pixel scene).


Do Not Edit

You may not add or remove pixels to or from resources that would result in the original shape/artwork being changed.


Do Not Crop

You may not crop/rearrange resources in order to make a new graphic.


Do Not Trace

You may not trace any resource in order to make your own graphics.


Do Not Animate

You may not create animated gifs from static resources.


Do Not Repurpose

You may not turn one type of resource into another (such as turning an avatar into a cursor).



Usage Rules

You may use my resources on deviantART.

You may use my resources on other websites.

You may use my resources in Flash Games.


Credit Rules

You do not need to give credit if you use pixel decorations on deviantART profiles or in journals.

You must give credit if you use any resource on sites other than deviantART.

You must give credit if you use a premade avatar.

You must give credit if you use a base.

You must give credit if you use any resources in artwork.

You must give credit if you use any resources in Flash games.

Please also remember that even if you have recoloured graphics they still do not belong to you. You may not claim them as your own. 


Distribution Rules

You may not upload any premade graphics or resources with the intention of redistributing them.

You may not upload any premade graphics that you have recoloured with the intention of redistributing them.

All premade graphics are for personal use only. This means that you can use them as decorations on your personal webpages but you cannot upload them to tumblr, photobucket, etc. in order to let other people download them.

Please also remember that even if you have recoloured graphics they still do not belong to you. You may not offer recoloured resources for download or sale.

You may upload any graphics you make from bases to redistribute for free providing you give credit for the original base. 


Additional Notes

The basic rule for most of my graphics (excluding bases) is use them as they are. If you are unsure about whether you are allowed to edit something then please ask first. 

Thank you!

Daily Deviation #4

Sun Nov 18, 2012, 6:03 AM
Oh my goodness, that was a lovely surprise this morning ♥

I didn't even notice at first. I was just going about my daily morning internet routine (check my Pigg garden, check e-mail, check deviantART...) and scrolling down today's DD when all of a sudden I thought that looks familiar. I actually had to look at it twice before I realised it was mine. I really am not a genius first thing in the morning...

Pure + White Journal CSS by Gasara

Thanks so much for the feature, bradleysays! You are awesome and one of my dA idols so I really, really appreciate it. Thank you, m'dear

And he really is awesome. Go give him some love, guys.

And, also, remember, you can customise this skin as much as you want to make it suit your tastes and your needs. You don't need to be restricted by what I've done with it though you're more then welcome to keep the design untouched too.

And and, wow, four DDs? I just don't even. In such a selection of categories too. I just... I don't know. As we discussed recently, some people regard them as just a feature but, to me, there's nothing just about it. It's an honour and I will cherish each and every one of them.

And I will never stop appreciating all the support I get here on dA. My recent poll suggests I have over 50 sisters I did not know about and though we may not be related by blood or marriage or anything I totally regard you all as my family.

I love you ♥

Oh, and hello and welcome to my new watchers! It's lovely to meet you all and I'm really happy you decided to stick around this madhouse. You're the best.

Thanks guys.

And I'm sorry this is not a naturally flowing journal entry but my joy has scrambled my brain a little. And sorry for the overuse of and, especially as a sentence starter...

Daily Deviations - Your Thoughts

Sun Nov 11, 2012, 7:29 AM
EDIT - Thanks for all of your comments guys. It's been a pleasure to read your views on this subject.

I think we all agree that DD features should be given fairly and with a sense of balance and moderation. For me, there's still questions about the purpose of DDs (pieces that 'deserve being brought to the attention of the community-at-large'). Are they being brought to the attention of the community-at-large for that attention alone, or are they there to showcase specific talent as an example of what can be achieved?

If it's all about exposure and attention then perhaps there's also room for a feature that celebrates technical merit or innovation, pieces that are judged on that piece of artwork alone. I think I'll try to find out more about this but in the meantime I'll continue to adore DDs in the way that I see them and I encourage you to continue to enjoy and marvel at them too.

Thanks guys.


Daily Deviations. They are marvellous things.

I've been lucky enough to be on both sides of the DD featuring process, having both suggested DDs that have been featured and been awarded them myself. For me, there's very little difference in the joy level that comes from both of these situations, finding it just as rewarding to give as to receive.

You may be wondering why I'm mentioning this all of a sudden. Well, the journal I wrote yesterday got me thinking. I brought up the lack of a current Flash gallery moderator which severely limits the amount of exposure given to Flash pieces, especially in the way of DDs, and this in turn made me wonder about the exposure given to other galleries too.

When suggesting pieces I've found that a number of moderators place limitations on the types of work they will feature. So while most suggestions come from the community at large, the final say obviously comes down to the moderator who features pieces at their own discretion. I suppose it's their perogative to feature what they want but it still seems a littlle unfair to feature within personally defined limitations.

You may have seen the following in some DD suggesting guidelines:

I will only feature pieces that have less than so many favourites.
I will only feature pieces that have less than so many views.
I will only feature artists who have less than so many DDs.
I will only feature an artist's work once.
I will only feature lesser known artists.


Don't Daily Deviations exist in order to feature particularly wonderful, inspiring, helpful, creative, innovative, useful, charming, thought-provoking pieces? The Daily Deviation FAQ says the following:

A small assortment of submissions are chosen each day by this select group of staff/volunteer members who wish to showcase an image which they found impressive or otherwise interesting enough to deserve being brought to the attention of the community-at-large.

Where in this does it say that said piece only qualifies depending on page views or previous success? Artists cannot control their own popularity, or the popularity of certain pieces. They cannot control their pageviews or the number of Daily Deviations they are awarded. When they create something wonderful, unique or inspiring, how is it fair to refuse them a DD because of other factors outside of their control?

If a piece of art has appeared on the front page and been viewed thousands of times and been added to thousands of favourite folders then perhaps, no, exposure it not necessarily what it needs. But I don't think DDs are just about exposure, they're about congratulating an artist and showcasing truly fantastic work. No, it's not an award but there is something special about being given a DD, something that highlights that piece and recognises the work involved.

So if I find a piece of art that really strikes a chord, that really makes me stop to marvel at it, I want to be able to suggest it regardless of the artists' popularity or pageviews. I want to be able to share something with the community that I think they would enjoy. And I want the artist to know that they have created something wonderful. This goes for lesser known artists too. I want to highlight their artistic achievement and have them know it was because of their work alone, not because of a lack of pageviews or favourites.

I imagine it's hard work being a gallery moderator, and I understand that it must be difficult selecting which pieces to feature but I do think that DDs should be featured on the qualities of that piece of work alone, not any other kind of external factor.

These are just my own personal thoughts, obviously. I'd be interested to know what you guys think. Do you suggest DDs? Have you been awarded them? Do you think there should be certain limitations?

Just a little food for thought.

My computer has died.

This stalwart and trusty companion of mine, that has stood by my side for the last five years and with whose help I created so much art, is no more. There is certainly no small amount of sadness there.

Poor Ko-Miyavi-Chan was pushing six years old, haggard and run down, plagued by a rough cough akin to that of a chain smoker. He wheezed and whirred and spluttered through the dust that had settled in his stomach and struggled valiantly to perform even the simplest of tasks. And yet, perform them he did. He was a fighter, a warrior even, and a wonderful companion and friend. I find myself mourning for him, a fact that surprises me and soothes me in the same breath. Sleep well, dear Ko-Miyavi-Chan, you have done yourself proud.

And so it is that I find myself welcoming Heaven's Market into my home, this spirited young ninja of a computer. While Ko-Miyavi-Chan greeted me with a heartfelt gush of noise, Heaven's Market merely looks at me before  settling down into unflinching, unbroken silence. Sometimes I find myself checking just to see if he's still on. Or there.

Our fledgling relationship is yet tentative and uncertain. This quiet, unobtrusive new family member seems to watch me with a wary, cautious eye as I introduce myself with clumsy awkwardness. He hides away in the shadows at the back of the computer table, his small frame tucked up against my feet as though he is both apprehensive and yet craving approval.

He is efficient and practical. He tends to tasks with ease, without complaint. It is pleasant but I do miss that playful, endearingly useless character of his predecessor. So I'll strive to make him feel at home, to become his friend and show him that it's okay to have quirks. And sometime in the future we'll laugh about how timid and wary he was when we first met. And when I look through all the artwork to come, I'll know that I did it with a very good friend standing by my side.

So farewell, dear Ko-Miyavi-Chan.
And welcome, Heaven's Market.

My family ♥

Custom Box - Troubleshooting + FAQ

Wed Jul 25, 2012, 5:33 AM

Custom Boxes

Quite a few people still seem to have issues with getting their custom box backgrounds to work correctly so I thought I'd put this little troubleshooting guide and FAQ together to help. If you follow the instructions closely, you shouldn't have any problems.

If you encounter any issues that aren't explained here, please let me know. I will update this guide with any extra info or solutions as they are requested.

You can read more about customising your profile page here.

The Basics

<div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat"><img src=""></div></div><div class="gr-box gr-genericbox">sample text</div>

Copy the code above and paste into a Custom box on your profile page. Replace the green text with your background image URL. Replace the blue text with your own content.


The background image does not display
The image URL you have used is probably incorrect. Most of the time this happens because the page URL (usually copied straight from the address bar), not the image URL, has been used.

An easy way to see if this has happened is to check the end of the image URL. It should end in an image file type, such as .jpg, .png or .gif. If it doesn't, this is where you've gone wrong.

FAQ15 - How do I find an image URL?

The background image covers the box content
There are a couple of reasons why this could happen.

1. You have added your content after the custom background code. You should have a closed div tag after your content to keep everything wrapped up inside the background.
2. You have added the custom background code to a box it is not suited for, such as the Dev ID or Newest Deviation box. This code works for Custom boxes only.

FAQ10 - How do I add a custom background?

The background is displayed but pushes all of the content down
This is probably because you don't have premium membership. Only premium members can use custom backgrounds. For non-premium members, the image code is still recognised and processed, which is why the image displays, but the code that displays the image as a background doesn't work.

The background image does not stretch across the entire box
The image you have used was possibly resized when you uploaded it. Different image hosting websites have different size limits, most notably Photobucket and Tinypic, which makes them unsuitable for hosting large background images. When this problem occurs with an image uploaded to Imageshack it is usually because the Do Not Resize option has not been chosen during upload. To avoid this problem:

1. Do not upload background images to Photobucket or Tinypic.
2. If using Imageshack, choose the Do Not Resize option from the drop down menu when uploading your image.

Sometimes this problem can occur when saving your image from the internet. deviantART can sometimes display an image slightly smaller than its full size. To make sure you are saving the full image, click on the Download Image link. This will display the image at full size so you can save it without any scaling issues.

The easiest way to avoid any issues is to upload your image to deviantART, either to your Scraps or (neither of which will resize your image on upload) and then click on Download Image to ensure you are saving the full size image. This should prevent any problems.

It doesn't work
It does indeed. Just follow all of the instructions carefully and you shouldn't have any problems.

If something seems to have gone wrong, compare your code to the original custom background code to see if you can find where the problem is. You might have accidentally deleted a div tag or bracket. Make sure everything in the code is correct and that your content has been placed in the correct area. If everything in the code looks fine and you're still having problems the best thing to do is delete everything from your custom box, copy the background code again and start afresh. Again, follow the instructions and advice carefully and it should work perfectly.


FAQ10 - How do I add a custom background?
FAQ11 - How do I repeat my custom background?
FAQ13 - How do I change the font colour?
FAQ14 - How do I add images to my page?
FAQ15 - How do I find an image URL?
FAQ16 - How do I create a text link?
FAQ17 - How do I create an image link?
FAQ18 - How do I use deviantART thumbs?
FAQ19 - How do I link to another deviantART user?
FAQ20 - How do I embed media?
FAQ21 - How do I find a page URL?


Basic HTML Formatting Guide
Free backgrounds, graphics and skins

{ Bey Up Your Profile }

Fri May 25, 2012, 2:55 PM
Have you ever been so tired that your face hurts? I've been staring at this computer screen for far longer than has been entirely necessary and yet I still can't seem to tear myself away. Honestly, what's that all about? Why can I not resist your allure, internetz? Even when you bore me. And I'm not actually doing anything. And my eyes ache. And I know there is both coffee and cake downstairs that needs consuming? Why? D:

In other news my profile page has now been suitably Beyed up. And, yes, I have just invented Bey as a verb. To Bey up... It does sound fairly correct. And what does it say about me that I've just flicked through dictionaries to find some way to justify it as a usable verb..? Though I suppose I have succeeding in upping the level of Beyblade on my profile. My profile has been made more Beybladey. It has been Beyed up. Yes, that makes sense. Look out for this in the next edition of the Oxford dictionary.

So, yes. My profile. I think I am finally happy with the way it looks. It is clean and bright and sparkly. And happy. And did I mention the Bey? I feel like this profile clearly says 'Yes, this is the profile of Gasara!'. Though that's not to say that I haven't liked my previous layouts and colour schemes. No, no. It's just that this one is so much more... me. So much more Beyed up. It just makes me want to la every time I see it. And the dancing kanji is so jaunty ♥

This is why profile customization is so awesome. deviantART is very much green and very much modular and very much limited in the ways you can customize it. But, at the same time, it is really only limited by your imagination. It's like being given a blank piece of paper and some crayons. You could draw a simple line across the page and that would be wonderful. But you could also draw a flower. And that would be wonderful and pretty. But then, it also doesn't really matter what you draw because you're playing with crayons and crayons are awesome. Sometimes it's just the playing that's really important. The playing and the fun. And the fact that you did it.

So, yes. That's why profile customization is awesome.

And did I mention the Bey?

And it really, really is time to tear myself away from the computer now. I apologise for the ramble. These things tend to happen when I'm exhausted. I really shouldn't write journal entries when I really have nothing to say. Though I suppose the announcement of a new word in the English language could be pretty big news.

So I'll wander off now and leave you all alone. I do actually have some more relevant news to impart but that can wait for another day. For now coffee and cake totally > internetz.

Night guys ♥

LIFE | ART + Beyblade

Wed May 2, 2012, 5:56 AM
Hello hello ♥

You may have noticed that there's been a distinct rise in pixel / resource submissions over the last few weeks. Those of you keen enough might have realised this often coincides with a drop in illustration submissions. And those of you astute enough might already be aware that this ebb and flow in pixel / illustration submissions is usually to do with my energy / motivation levels. Alas, yes, I have once again found myself floundering aimlessly in the murky depths of artblock. Fear not though! New art will be sure to make an appearance soon enough so please bear with my dabbling in other artistic areas until then ♥

Also, Beyblade.

That might not really be enough for a paragraph. I'm not even sure it counts as a sentence. But still, Beyblade.

I have rediscovered it and all its joy. I have once more been flailing in boneless, giddy euphoria upon remembering the love I hold for it. My passionate Bey spirit is burning bright, my friends, and dear lord do I love it.

It is quite possible that without Beyblade there would be no Gasara. There would still have been a me but I wouldn't have been this me, this Gasara. I might have just been Laura. And I know for a fact there wouldn't have been a Gasarasrevolution. There wouldn't have been In Fang + Thief, nor Boys Over Faeries. By extension there probably wouldn't be To the Soul. So much of myself as I am today was built upon Beyblade foundations that it is quite staggering to imagine what would have become of me had I been built upon something else. Who knows, I might even have been fairly normal.

As it stands, this Gasara, the one who laughed and cried with Beyblade, the one who gasped aloud when Zeo dared to summon Dranzer, who spent countless happy hours screentoning Bey doujinshi to the sound of Gackt and the sight of snow falling outside... This Gasara is a very happy person indeed.

So, sentence or not, Beyblade.

Gasara x

Daily Deviation #3

Thu Mar 8, 2012, 12:02 PM
What lovely news to return home from a long day at work to. :iconpinkballoonplz:

Huge thanks go to 01309 and RTNightmare for suggesting it, MzzAzn for the feature, TouchedVenus for providing the inspiration, and MYVxKIRITO for delivering the news in such a happy and proud manner. Thanks so much, guys. :iconcocoloveplz:

A special 'howdy' has to go to my new watchers too. Thanks for stopping by and for deciding to keep me company here at dA. Hugs to you all! :tighthug:

Thanks again for being awesome everyone and for all of your support. You're the best ♥

Daily Deviation #2

Sun Jun 26, 2011, 3:07 AM

I think that sums things up quite nicely.

Epic 'thank you's go to the very lovely little-billie for the suggestion and to the amazing vanmall for featuring it. I shall totally cry happy tears forever.
Go share your love with tealgeezus too. It's her epic WIN that inspired the pixel Sherwood. Spam her with your love!

And I thank all of you, yes you fine folk, for being the awesome, lovely, supportive people you are. Hugs all round.

To the Soul Q+A

Wed Mar 2, 2011, 3:17 AM
★ Howdy!

As you might have guessed from the exceedingly random title, it's once again question time!

I've been having great fun with the To the Soul character sheets and the feedback I've been getting has been awesome. And highly amusing. Oh, commentors, you do make me smile.

I have also been getting a fair amount of interest in the story, the characters, the world and so on, so I figured why not open up the floor and engage in a little Q&A?

So, if you have a burning, passionate need to know what Munryeo's favourite vegetable is (it's beetroot, btw) or whether Blue has ever bitten a pirate in self defence, feel free to ask!

I'll probably skirt around anything too spoilery but other than that, ask whatever you like.

And, depending on my mood, I might answer from the perspective of the characters themselves. Because I need something to keep me amused  ♥

Laura x

CURRENTLY CLOSED. Thanks so much to everyone who took part!


Cheers for the entries so far - they've been AWESOME! <3

:star: MINI FIC/ART CONTEST :star:

You may remember in a previous journal entry I was bemoaning the lack of a Whitechapel fandom. I plan to rectify this by bribing you all into creating one with me! :D

All you have to do is write me a mini fic in the comments or doodle a little picture with the 'Add a Drawing' feature. The first 10 people Anyone who leaves fic or art in the comments will get 50 points! Yes, I am that desparate for fic/art that I will give you things in exchange!

The important thing here is that YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHITECHAPEL to take part! I doubt many, if any, of you will have seen it so I'll just provide you with the information you need:

:bulletblue: WHITECHAPEL

Whitechapel is a three-part series about a modern-day Jack the Ripper copycat. It follows the team of detectives trying to put a stop to the horrific murders. Whitechapel II (the second series) is, again, a three-part series. This time they're trying to take down copycats of the Krays.

:bulletblue: THE CHARACTERS

- DI (Detective Inspector) Joseph Chandler: Usually referred to as 'Sir'. He's the team boss, suffers from OCD and prefers a nice cup of tea to anything alcoholic. Everyone think's he's gay. He's well spoken and very polite (read: posh).

- DC (Detective Constable) Emerson Kent: Usually referred to as just Kent. He's the youngest of the group. He's trying to prove himself as a good policeman and is eager to please Chandler. The other detectives tend to mock him for this. IS SO IN LOVE WITH CHANDLER!

- DS (Detective Sergeant) Ray Miles: Usually referred to as Miles by Chandler and Skip or Sarge by the detectives. Second to Chandler. Resents Chandler taking over the team but they do become closer.

- Others: DC John McCormack, DC Finley Mansell, DC Sanders, DC Fitzgerald and Edward Buchan, Ripperologist and Kray biographer.

:bulletblue: FIC/ART THEME

Do anything you want! Just take these characters and make them do something! I'd prefer fics to still be set in the Whitechapel universe, ie. they are still police officers. Other than that, do whatever. Big hugs to you if you make it Chandler/Kent-y!

Here's some pics to help you out: (Ignore my handwriting. I can't write with a tablet.)
And a YouTube video:… (Mmmm, Chandler... :drool:)

Fics can be as short or as long as you want. I am not picky! (Clearly...)
There's no real deadline but the sooner fic/art is done the better!

Right then, off you go!
Love me for my random! :la:


:iconspeckledluminance: :iconeuuphoria: :iconsarahvikken: :iconkuramika-chan: :iconjaykolov: :iconnatsumi-tan: :iconthejjangster: :iconspazzist: :iconzahmb: :iconkenlybop: :iconxxp4uilxxvilliexx: :iconlilith-szayel: :iconmerloc: :iconaquanoxfox: :iconkomplexity: :iconyiphojjung: :iconmidnightscastedangel: :iconlightningeffect:

Pure + Night

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Featured Art

+COM+ Kurage by Gasara Bartender and the Thief by Gasara

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur aliquam sollicitudin turpis, quis convallis tellus ultricies sit amet. Nullam non mattis dui. Ut pretium bibendum tempor. Sed at purus lacus. Duis laoreet scelerisque consectetur. Ut ac lorem ligula. Quisque nisi augue, ultricies in iaculis ut, varius dapibus tortor.

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