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Basic CSS Style Guide

Wed Jul 23, 2014, 11:16 AM


CSS is a style language used to define the style and formatting of web pages. It is used in conjunction with HTML.

If we think of HTML as the building blocks of the web then, essentially, CSS is the painter and decorator. Very simply, HTML defines the structure of the page and CSS defines the style.

What I'll be helping you with here is getting to grips with the basics of CSS. I'll be explaining how use CSS as well as providing a number of examples that you can use to style your own web pages and journals. All you need to do is copy/paste the code and replace the sample text with your own content. Along with the quick reference I've also written a brief glossary of terms and provided a list of useful links in case you wish to do some further reading.

A point of note is that while the information and examples I've given here apply to CSS use anywhere on the web, this guide itself is geared towards the use of CSS on deviantART. As such, and given that this has been created as a basic guide and quick reference, you may require further reading to make the most of CSS's capabilities.

As always, if you have any questions or problems just let me know.

How To

CSS is written in the following format.

selector {property:value;}

The selector selects the element to be styled, the property defines the aspect of that element to be styled and the value defines the way the element will be styled. Let's look at a complete example to see how it works.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

In this example we're saying that we want the colour (property) of all h1 (selector) elements to be dark grey (value).

You can specify a number of properties and values for the same element.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;text-transform:uppercase;}

In the above example we're saying that we want the colour of all h1 elements to be dark grey and written in uppercase letters.

Now, CSS contains the information for styling elements but it can't act on it's own. HTML elements are needed to create content for those styles to then be applied to. Let's look at an example of how this works.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}
<h1>sample text</h1>

In the CSS we're saying that the h1 header elements should be dark grey. In the HTML we're declaring the sample text as a h1 element. The CSS will read the HTML <h1> tags and colour the text in-between them dark grey.

CSS on deviantART can be used in journal and gallery skins. For journals, the HTML will be written along with your normal journal text in the editor and the CSS will be written in the journal's Edit Skin area. For galleries, the HTML will be written in the description box and the CSS will be written in the Add CSS area.


Selectors determine the element to be styled. There are a number of different selector types you can use depending on the desired outcome.

Element Selectors target the content of HTML tags based on the element name. The example below says that all paragraph text should be dark grey.

p {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p>sample text</p>

id Selectors target the content of HTML tags based on a specified id. The id should be unique and used for a single element on the page.  Id selectors are signified in CSS by a hash tag preceding the id name. The HTML element should include the text id="..." within the opening tag.

The example below says that paragraph text with the 'intro' id should be dark grey.

#intro {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p id="intro">sample text</p>

Class Selectors target the content of HTML tags based on a specified class name. Elements using the same class can be used multiple times on the page. Class selectors are signified in CSS by a full stop preceding the class name. The HTML element should include the text class="..." within the opening tag.

The example below says that any element with the 'info' class should be dark grey. In this case any <a> tag, <p> tag or any other tag including the 'info class' will be styled.

.info {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p class="info">sample text</p>

The example below says that any paragraph text with the 'info' class should be dark grey. In this case only <p> tags including the 'info' class will be affected. <a> tags, for example, containing the 'info' class will not be styled.

CSS {color:#4f4f4f;}
<p class="info">sample text</p>

You can use your own id and class names. Just remember to make sure that the class or id name you use in the HTML matches what you've written in the CSS.


The reference list below gives examples of a number of common properties that you can use to style your pages and journals. Simply replace the green text in each example with your own values. If there are limited acceptable values for a property then the options are given underneath the example. Where a numerical or hex value are required you can enter any valid value.


specifies the font to be used
font-family: arial;
times new roman, georgia, arial, etc

specifies the size of the text
font-size: 12px;
insert a value

styles text as italic or normal
font-style: italic;
normal, italic

styles text as bold or normal
font-weight: bold;
normal, bold

sets the text colour
color: #000000;
insert a hex value

inserts space between letters
letter-spacing: 2px;
insert a value

aligns text
text-align: right;
left, right, center, justify

strikes out or underlines text
text-decoration: none;
none, underline, line-through

sets text to uppercase or lowercase letters
text-transform: uppercase;
uppercase, lowercase


sets the background colour
background-color: #ffffff;
hex value, transparent

sets a background image
background-image: url(;
insert your image URL.

repeats background image / used with background-image property
background-repeat: repeat-x;
repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y, no-repeat

creates a border around an element
border: 1px solid #4f4f4f;
solid, dotted, dashed

creates rounded border corners / used with border property
border-radius: 5px;
insert a value


creates space around the outside of an element
margin: 10px auto 10px auto;
insert a value for each side (top-right-bottom-left)

creates space inside an element
padding: 10px auto 10px auto;
insert a value for each side (top-right-bottom-left)

floats an element left or right
float: left;
left, right

specifies the type of positioning used for an element
position: absolute;
absolute, relative

sets the width of an element
width: 50px;
insert a value

sets the height of an element
height: 50px;
insert a value

specifies what type of box to use for an element
display: none;
none, inline, block


CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a style language used to define the style and formatting of web pages.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language used to create web pages.

Selectors specify the element to be styled. Below we are selecting all h1 header elements to be styled.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

Properties are the different aspects of style that can be defined. Below we are defining the colour of all h1 header elements.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

Values define the way elements are styled. Below were are saying we want all h1 header element to be dark grey.

h1 {color:#4f4f4f;}

Tags are used to define layout and styles. Tag names are enclosed in angle brackets and usually come in pairs consisting of an opening tag and closing tag. The closing tag includes a forward slash before the tag name.
<tag> </tag>

URL (uniform resource locator) refers to the specific location of an item on the internet. It is also refered to as a web address and is used to identify and link to specific pages and content.

Hex codes are a string of six digits and letters preceeded by a hash tag used to define a certain colour.


Helpful Links

deviantART Customisation FAQ
A list of the most frequently asked questions regarding customising your deviantART account. Answers include information and instructions.

Basic HTML Formatting Guide
A quick guide to formatting content with HTML.

A comprehensive information resource covering all aspects of HTML.

Hex and RGB values
Get hex and rgb numbers for any colour

Google Fonts
A collection of Open Source fonts you can use on your pages for free.

Daily Deviation

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 11:58 AM

Well, wasn't that the most wonderful surprise! I was just checking dA before I started work this morning and saw a comment about a DD. At first I thought 'But memory f i s h hasn't been featured as a Daily Deviation' - and then I woke up a bit and realised that obviously it had now. I really just wanted to be excited all over the internet but unfortunately I had to start work as soon as I found out. You have no idea of the agony I endured not being able to flail on dA until some 9 or so hours later.

memory f i s h by Gasara

Thank you so, so much for the feature, cinyu! It truly means the world to me. :tighthug:

I actually feel strangely emotional and just want to cling to you all while I'm desperately sobbing. Don't worry, I shan't do that - but I want to, just so you know. I just... I'm constantly overwhelmed by the really kind reactions to my artwork. And completely humbled by them.

I love you guys. I really, really do.
My bros ♥

- Laura

Just Like Old Times

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 13, 2014, 8:54 AM

Hi again, my lovelies! ♥

You may have noticed some random literature deviations popping up from me today. I'm having a bit of a profile redesign and these deviations are just a part of that. You can ignore them if you like, or you can continue commenting on them like you have been. I just thought I'd mention it for those of you possibly wondering what those random things were.

I have to say that it feels really good being back on dA. My inbox has been cleared, my profile is slowly becoming pretty again (though I envisage quite a bit more work until it's up to scratch) and I'm chatting with my bros again. Things are good.

For the next week or so I'm going to be sorting through my gallery and cleaning things up a little. I don't think I'll be deleting anything but if there's any deviation you want to save I'd suggest doing it now to be on the safe side. I've got a few new resources to post up, which I'll be doing shortly, and some older commissions to share and then after that you can expect a bunch of new To the Soul and In Fang + Thief art. Finally!

Oh, I should also just mention that my websites ( and are currently down while I'm overhauling the heck out of them. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. They both should be back up soon - and looking so much better.

All that's left to say now is that I hope you're all well and that I'm looking forward to catching up with you all again! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, m'dears!

- Laura

For those of you who missed out the first time, All Things Gasara is now available to pre-order (again). This second print run comes with a blue variant cover and a limited art card.

The pre-order period runs from Wednesday 9th July until Sunday 31st August. The books will then be sent out during the first week of September. Please take note of this before you order!

And as a thank you to my friends and followers here's a discount code to get you 15% off your order. Just enter 15BRO during checkout. This offer is only valid during the pre-order period.

For more information about the book and to order click on the link below:…

- Laura x

P.S. You may have noticed that I've been absent again. I've been busy with work and commissions but as I've nearly finished everything on my epic to-do-list I should be back with you very soon. Which I'm really pleased about because I've missed you guys. Big hugs and much love to you all. :hug:

Contest and Birthday (Quick Post)

Tue Mar 25, 2014, 12:48 PM

Hiya! Some 48 hours after the contest was meant to end I now declare it officially closed! Thanks for all of your wonderful entries. Some life things have come up so I'm not going to be able to announce the winners until Thursday when I have a day off. I'll also take time then to write a little bit about my birthday and share all of the lovely, lovely gifts I received.

I'll just say a quick thanks here for all of the wonderful messages, llama, cake, points, art and general joy you bestowed upon me over the weekend. Your kindness truly blew me away. Thank you so, so much.

I love you ♥

Take care, my dears, and I'll see you Thursday! <3

The Results

Thank you once again for all the wonderful entries. After much deliberating and cogitating I'm happy to finally be able to announce the winners as picked by myself and MYVxKIRITO. Entires were judged on a number of points but the one that felt most important was their ability to make me smile. The two winning entries were decided unanimously for their ability to do just that. And so, without further ado, the winners:

1st Place
B-day dragon by Beetlebelle
by Beetlebelle

Because both MYVxKIRITO and I were immediately drawn to that adorable, adorable face

2nd Place
Happy B-Day~ by CorporalLegendarium
by CorporalLegendarium

Because this is just the cutest animation

Congratulations, guys! And thank you so for these happy, joyous things. :tighthug:

Additionally, the remaining participants will all receive 20 points each. It's a small sum but I think everyone who took part deserves a little something. Thank you all so much for taking the time to celebrate with me!

The Contest

[UPDATE] There's roughly 7 hours left to enter though I shall be asleep for about another six after that so feel free to sneak your entries in then too! Thank you to everyone who has entered so far, your pieces have been wonderful ♥

Hello! As you may be aware I normally hold some kind of contest or event for my birthday but this last week has been so busy I haven't got round to setting anything up. This is why I'm having a small, speedy 48-ish hour mini birthday contest instead!


The rules are very simple. All you have to do is create some kind of art with the theme birthday. I'm going to let your imaginations run wild with this. Any kind of art will be accepted (whether it be illustrations, knitting, literature, graphics, journal skins, anything). The content of your piece may be anything you like as long as there's some link to the theme of 'birthday'. So perhaps you want to write a story about your OC's birthday, draw a picture of the Avengers celebrating Steve's birthday, design a journal featuring bunting and cakes, or even make a birthday card for a friend. Guys, do absolutely anything.

Deadline: 23:59 (GMT) Sat 22nd March
(Though there's always a little bit of leeway here)


Because this is a speedy quick contest, and because my pockets are pretty empty, the prizes are only small but I hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless.

1st Prize
1 month premium membership
50 points
1 x pixel icon

2nd Prize
50 points
1 x pixel icon

And there may be a smattering of points given out to other notable entries too!


:bulletblack: Your entry must be based on the theme 'birthday'
:bulletblack: You must link to your entry in the comments of this journal
:bulletblack: All artwork must be created new for this contest (I will check the upload date of your entry)

Additional Information

:bulletblack: Any kind of artwork / literature will be accepted
:bulletblack: Your entry may be posted as a Muro drawing / written in the comments of this journal
:bulletblack: Entries will be judged by myself and MYVxKIRITO
:bulletblack: As well as other factors, winning entries will be picked by their ability to make me smile!
:bulletblack: This is just a quick, fun little contest so please try not to stress to much about creating masterpieces or even getting it finished quite on time. Just art and enjoy, m'dears!

I think that's all you need to know. If you do have any questions though just ask. And please, my dears, have fun!


{CE} Gasara Rabbit by TopHat-Queen Weird Birthday Isaiah - Mini Contest by CM-san CE: gift by Clue000 Gasaras' Birthday by Redilion CE - - birthday cards by Kiiasuki so many present today! by ikimikiquicky I Eat Cake by kit-su-ne Happy Birthday Gasara! by Darknightless Happy Birthday Gasara! by Meicker Birthday by Echosound99 Present by EllirianaRei :thumb442465854: purple dancing bear by Spirit-and-Rain B-day dragon by Beetlebelle Gasara's mini birthday contest entry by Emmahl Happy B-Day~ by CorporalLegendarium Birthday Cake KissesGâteau D'anniversaire
    Crawling out of bed at five in the morning was a harsher task than Sakura had speculated. She wasn’t a morning person. However, the inspirational idea that had struck her the night before had encouraged her to get an early start out of the day. But this path of thinking diminished into thin air the moment her message sparrow started pecking at her window. All she could do was sigh, stretch, throw on clothing, and hope to the Goddesses that her bra was under her sweater and her skirt was over her underwear. By the time Sakura had made it down the stairs, she had a new respect for people with low-blood pressure.
    Meaning, a newfound respect for the Astonetian Prince who could wake up at any time and make it through the day without even a drop of caffeine in his system.
    Combing her hands through her red hair, Sakura glanced at the calendar stuck to the fridge. Half-lidded eyes stared at the current date. March 2
Birthday Wishes.Birthday wishes and a eaten cake
Ripened years
And many moons
And wanting youth -
Drunk on life and all it’s freedoms.
Revel in age and all it’s glory,
Unless the grand and heavy hand
Retires your story.
for the breaths you take today -
Are more than the sum of days before
You cease to exist.
Closing time, it’s a lonely state
Left alone, with the smoke rising
Candles gone, they leave you crying
You look up straight asking if you’re bent
Your last breath, birthday wishes spent
Free to Use: Birthday Cupcake by Pepperjack-Kiwi

What a Wonderful World

Mon Mar 17, 2014, 1:56 PM

Miyavi @ Shepherd's Bush Empire
Also known as 'I am so embarrassing.'

The day started with MYVxKIRITO, the usual nerves (the nerves of a country bumpkin heading to the big city) and a pleasant train journey. It was swiftly followed by the crushing fear of the tube (the fear of a country bumpkin on an underground train) and the relief of checking into the hotel without incident (for us this is a nice surprise).

We headed to the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, navigating ridiculous road crossings, and encountered the usual chaos of The Queue.

There’s always a tangible sense of confusion surrounding which queue is for which ticket holder and we bumbled around until I finally asked someone where we were meant to be. With a cheery ‘Thanks!’ I headed back to MYVxKIRITO and herded us to the correct queue. A few minutes later a security man came up to us and asked if we were VIP ticket holders. We answered in the affirmative and he replied with a jaunty ‘You’re in the right queue then.’ Over the course of the night that man became a hero. He was friendly, funny, helpful and just all-round brilliant. There’s nothing I appreciate more at gigs than good security staff. He actively approached fans to make sure they knew where they were going and to point them in the right direction if they didn’t. He came round a little later to give out purple wristbands to the fanclub members (of which MYVxKIRITO is one) and then to give out gold ones to the VIP ticket holders (of which MYVxKIRITO was also one).

It was at this point that I started to really regret my decision not to join the fanclub (a decision made on the basis that two of us registering from the same house may have looked a little shady) but nevertheless my little gold wristband was enough to remind me of how lucky I was. The rest of The Wait was spent in nervous, excited anticipation.

6:45 rolled around sooner than expected and the fanclub members were soon allowed in. Within minutes, if that, the VIP crowd followed. With my ticket checked I was ushered straight past the merch stand and into the hall where I quickly spotted MYVxKIRITO in her James May cardigan. I sidled up, shimmied in and together we amazed at our position at the barrier, right in front of the mic. We took it all in with the familiar combination of awe and impatience, shifting from one uncomfortable position to the next, until the sound check, the arrival of the photographers and then the dimming of the lights.

And it began.

And it’s at this point things get a little hazy.

There was Bobo – in his tiny shorts on his tiny drum kit – and Miyavi – in an open see-through shirt, chest bared to the world – and that was that. Their time on stage is just a blur of colour and movement, raw vocals and epic guitar. In-between songs Miyavi addressed the crowd with such passion and emotion, talking about the hardships we all endure – both the big problems in the world and our own personal troubles – and that, for one night, we could throw them away and just enjoy. He spoke of music and how it broke down barriers, that it didn’t matter if we were Japanese or British, what language we spoke or where we were, that we were all connected through the music. United. And when he played, there was no doubt of that.

Personal highlights were Day 1, with which he stormed into the set, and What a Wonderful World, with which he raised the roof. But the stripped back rendition of kimi ni negai wo actually hurt. It’s a favourite of mine and it was played with such emotion, such sincerity, and with the star-like lights circling the stage it was just so painfully beautiful. I turned to MYVxKIRITO at the end to find her not at all okay from it all and so I held her hand and together we swayed our way through Guard You until she found her ability to can again.

Of course there was more, so much more, but it’s difficult to remember it coherently. There are flashes of a brilliant smile, one-sided banter with Bobo, exquisite riffs performed with a back arched so low, the cling of zebra-print trousers, the glimpse of Don’t hesitate & go and the echo of that wonderful, beautiful voice. Though, of course, it shall all forever be eclipsed by ‘fish and chips’, a running gag that seemed to very much run away from Miyavi. It will go down in history with ‘tube map on his arse’.

And in what seemed like the blink of an eye it was all over. Miyavi posed in front of the crowd for a photo, we called his name and as he walked off stage he punched the air in a show of exhilaration that mirrored that of the fans. It was a lovely thing to see, a private gesture that allowed us to see that it meant as much to him as it did to us.

With the ghost of his voice still playing in my head I turned to MYVxKIRITO and together we set about tracking down the location of the meet and greet. We asked every member of the security team we came across for directions until we finally found ourselves in line up in the highest level of the venue. MYVxKIRITO was directed to the back of the queue with the other fanclub members.

My VIP ticket allowed me to have a photo taken with Miyavi (and three complete strangers – hello, photo bros!) which was lovely but awkward (Oh lord, please don’t document my face). After the photo he said something briefly to one of the other fans and then turned to me. We shook hands (so polite) and then words happened. I’d prepared for the moment, rehearsing what I was going to say all day. It was going to be something cool like ‘The show was awesome.’ Or ‘Good luck with your film.’ But no. In that moment as we released from the handshake, I looked up at him and said ‘Thank you. That was wonderful.’

That. Was. Wonderful.

I could not have been more formally English if I had tried.

Miyavi was smiling though and he didn’t look confused or horrified so I might have got away with it. I’ve heard he likes English accents so I’m going to believe that he was blown away by my utter polite, formal Englishness. In any case, I left.


Outside, where I was waiting for MYVxKIRITO to emerge from her fanclub meeting with Miyavi, I listened to the tales of other fans – many of whom also succumbed to panic-speak – and finally looked at the card that had been passed to me as I fled. It was a signed postcard, the date and location of the gig written in silver pen over a wonderful photo of Miyavi. That, and the gold wristband still on my wrist, are a nice memento. The only mementos, really, as by the time I came out the merch stands had been closed off.

When MYVxKIRITO finally staggered out, looking somewhat dazed and with a freshly signed membership card case (‘He asked me what my name was. I was like: <prolonged, panicked silence> Oh! Jayme.’) we decided to hang around to see if we could catch a glimpse of him leaving. Happily we caught more than a glimpse. Bobo appeared first, loading a case into the back of a minivan before disappearing again. Shortly after Miyavi came out and waved at the small group of fans loitering outside. We waved back and waved some more as the minivan rolled slowly backwards out into the road and carried him away towards his next gig. The small crowd dispersed and MYVxKIRITO and I stopped off at the petrol station for some grapes and a drink before heading back to our hotel.

We laughed out our embarrassment and waxed lyrical about the night until the grapes were near gone and alarms were set. And as I drifted off to sleep, in the surprisingly warm cocoon of a budget hotel duvet, I marvelled at the wonder of it all. As I’m still marvelling at it now.

So then... + Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 19, 2014, 12:32 PM
Edit- I remembered! Scroll to the bottom for more info :D

I seem to have developed a penchant for making support stamps for things I'm fairy certain not many people care about... However, by the end of my time on deviantART I hope to have converted at least one person to the joys of PDC darts. Because, seriously, the darts players have nicknames, and walk on music, and walk on girls and the crowd routinely dress up as Crayola crayons and Ninja Turtles and Wally and so much more besides. The whole thing is just such a joyous spectacle. And darts matches are intense. Seriously, guys, watch it ♥

[Darts] James Wade Stamp by Gasara

(I'm not convincing any of you, am I..?)

And once again I feel like I should be apologising for not posting much in the way of illustrations. There's some finished commissions coming up and previews for art book images but I haven't really had much time to draw for myself recently. Hopefully this will be rectified by March when I hope to finally - FINALLY - get [scarred] drawn. Hm, we'll see. But that's the plan. In the meantime I thank you for bearing with stamps for things not many people care about and other pixels! I know many of you are happy to be getting these things but I always feel like I'm letting people down by not posting drawings. It's just one of those things - you lovely guys probably don't think anything of it - but I can't help but worry you're not being satisfied art-wise!

Oh, and can I just say a huge, huge. thank you for all the lovely Valentines messages I received. I've not quite managed to reply to them all yet but I am getting there. Thank you so much! ♥

I think there was something else I was going to write but it's completely slipped my mind. I started thinking about Top Gear and distracted myself entirely...

And with that I'd best be off! Obviously  I could do with an early night.

Night night x

Update I remembered what I was going to write. I want to hold a contest in March for my birthday and I'm looking for ideas. Last year we had that epic three-week resources making party and I was wondering whether you wanted something similar or something different. Do you want enter by making art? Maybe do a quiz or something? And what kind of theme would you like? Something related to me, my art or my stories or perhaps something more general? And, what kind of prizes would you prefer? If you have any thoughts on the matter, just let me know in the comments and we'll see what we can come up with. :D

Hello, books and features

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 4, 2014, 8:08 AM
Hello there, my lovelies!

Oh, it seems like forever since I was last on here. I decided to take that little break to concentrate on getting things done rather than procrastinating by way of internet. Was it successful? Yes, actually. I know, I'm surprised too. Don't get me wrong, my to-do-list is still longer than I am tall but I've made an excellent start and feel more invigorated that I have in a long time. I'll give you a quick run down of what's been going on and then we can have a little catch up.

1) All Things Gasara
The book has been printed and is finally in my hands. All preorders have been packed and are ready to be posted. They'll be sent out in batches when I can get to the post office so you shouldn't have long to wait now before this finally arrives on your doorstep.
(Apologies for my terrible camera. The book looks much nicer in real life, I promise you!)

2) Quixotic
My copy of the Quixotic-Art-Book also arrived recently. It's been a long time since I first drew my contribution for this book but it's been well worth the wait. It's yet another glorious example of the wonderful artists found right here on dA, for both their talent and generosity. I'm so proud to have been a part of this project.

3) Feature
And, finally, I just wanted to share the following works of art with you. These are some of the secret santa gifts I received over Christmas, a commissioned illustration and the first cosplay of one of my characters. Thank you so much, everyone! I cannot truly express how happy these have made me.

SS: Gasara by ClandestineKnight
Longing by xiao-speck
~To The Soul: Munryeo Cosplay~ by Fruide97
Waiting for the true gift by Wlotus-2307

And with that I'm going to skedaddle. I'm in the middle of sorting out my profile page and gallery, which have been sadly neglected of late. Please bear with the mess while I get them sorted out. Oh, and while I was making new graphics for my page I was reminded of some pixels that I've yet to post so expect a little flood of free resources and graphics over the next few days.

Take care, my lovelies!

Hello 2014

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 4:01 PM

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you lots of love and happiness in 2014!

Love you guys x

There's sherry and mince pies under the tree for Father Christmas, the fire's burning bright in the fireplace and we're all about to settle down to watch Muppet's Christmas Carol. It's Christmas Eve and it feels magical.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Hope you all have a wonderful time!

Love you! x x

Just Checking In...

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 10, 2013, 12:13 PM

Hi guys!

My goodness, Christmastime is always hectic for me but this year everything is completely non-stop. For that reason I just wanted to quickly check in to say 'hello' and that I hope you're all enjoying the festive season (whether you're enjoying the build up to celebrations or just enjoying the time of year). However you spend your December I hope it's awesome.

There's just a few points I need to mention while I'm here:

1) Due to an unexpected technical issue the delivery of All Things Gasara has been delayed just slightly. The book will still be sent out this month but it's looking to be a week or two later than planned. I'm so sorry about this and to make it up to you I'm going to add a small bonus gift to your parcels.

2) In the same theme, my work on commissions is going a lot slower than planned. I've had to take on a tempory job to cover bills and other expenses recently which has really cut into my time. All current commissions should be completed by the end of January at the latest. Again, huge apologies. I really am sorry for the inconvenience. If you need your artwork sooner or have any other concerns then please, please get in touch. Your best way to do this at the moment is through e-mail via

3) And, once again leading on from above, I'll probably only be flitting in and out of dA for a little while (mostly to update the Advent Calendar and other little things). As a result of my busytimes my dA inbox is a little cluttered again and going through it's going to take me a while so so if you want to catch my attention you'd be better off sending me an e-mail or a comment via twitter. I'll be catching up on comments and notes as soon as I have some free time.

Cheers, m'dears!

And, you know, one of these days I swear I'm actually going to write something interesting and new in my journal. It's all seems to be pretty copy/paste at the moment.

And now I really, really need some sleep. Night night, everyone x

Exclusive Artwork Poll [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 25, 2013, 10:42 AM

[EDIT] Tha poll is now closed! Thanks to everyone who voted. It was a pretty close affair but in the end Blue came out of nowhere (and as a complete surprise to me) to top the poll. Congratulations, Blue! You can see his new artwork exclusively in All Things Gasara very shortly.

Hey guys!

As a thank you for those of you who order All Things Gasara I've decided - at the very last minute - to add a completely new and completely exclusive illustration. Although the book does already contain never-before-seen art this illustration will be specially drawn for this book and will never appear online or in any other print form. You can vote now for the character you would like the artwork to feature over here in this poll.

Please note that this addition will in no way affect the release date or shipping schedule.

Cheers, guys!

>> Pre-Order the book

Artbook Pre-Order Extension / Shipping Update

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 23, 2013, 10:13 AM

All Things Gasara Artbook Pre-Order

In response to a number of comments I've had about this I'm extending the pre-order deadline up until Saturday 30th November. This does however mean that the shipping date has been pushed back a week to the first week of December. I hope this helps for those of you still wanting to order the book and I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause anyone already waiting for it.

I'll be posting some additional phots of the book sometime next week.

Struggling with Life / So Much News

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 14, 2013, 10:34 AM
I disappeared from deviantART again. You might have noticed, especially those of you who have been following me for a while, that this happens every so often. You see, the thing is, sometimes I just become suddenly and inexplicably unhappy. No ryhme or reason, no prompting of any sort, it just happens. I call them Life Slumps. And when in the throes of a Life Slump I just become really sad and apathetic. What's really frustrating though is that I know that there's no reason to be unhappy but I still can't snap myself out of the funk. And even if I want to do something I find myself unable to do it. It's like there's some weird mental block. It's annoying and debilitating. And that's the reason I sometimes disappear for a little bit.

It might sound slightly dramatic but my Life Slumps end eventually and then things go back to normal.

It's also not something I necessarily feel like I need to share but I thought I ought to give you an explanation for why I'm sometimes inactive for a couple of weeks. With more and more watchers I feel I have more and more responsibility to be here and I want to give you a heads up for if/when it happens again. Just so you don't think I've run off or anything.

So, yes. That happened. But the Life Slump is over now and I'm back. I bring with me all kinds of updates and news and things so please get comfy 'cause this my take a while!

All Things Gasara Artbook Pre-Order

Huge, huge thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered my artbook so far! I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me.

I can now confirm that the pre-order will end on Sunday 24th November. There'll only be a very limited amount, a handful maybe, available afterwards for general sale. A second print run might be possible in the future but I can't say for sure.

The books are still on schedule to be released at the end of Novemeber and should, postal services permitting, be with you a week or two after that.

Manga/Anime Beauty Interview

I was very honoured to be interviewed recently by Gwendolyn12 for her Manga/Anime Beauty series. The article is now up and you can read it here.

Big thanks and love to both Gwendolyn12 and TouchedVenus! Thank you ♥

LETTERS Artbook Charity Auction

Project summary: Letters Charity Artbook is aimed to raise funds to donate to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. All profit will be donated to Doernbecher. The theme of this book is the English alphabet, where each page represents a different letter, upper and lower case. There will be 52 pages of artwork.

chocuu has organised two auctions to raise funds to go towards the production of the book.

As one of the book’s participating artists I have donated artwork to the auction. The winning bidder of Auction B will receive custom artwork from seven artists, including myself.

You can check the auction information and bid here.

All bids are greatly appreciated, as is your support for this wonderful project.

Thank you, guys! ♥


I fully acknowledge that I am behind with my commissions and I sincerely apologise. Honestly, I am really sorry. Now I have snapped out of my funk work will continue at a more effecient rate. Of course, if you have any concerns then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

And In Other News...

I am currently enjoying the Grand Slam of Darts. I know there might only be one or two people out there who shares my enjoyment of darts but I always feel the need to express my love for it. However, everytime I cheer on my favourite dart players they always lose so I'm not mentioning any names tonight. I'm just going to leave here with a hearty 'C'mon!'.

And a 'love you'.
Thank you for sticking with me, my lovelies ♥

One of Those Weeks

Fri Oct 18, 2013, 12:21 PM by Gasara:icongasara:

You know the ones. The ones where everything goes wrong. All in one go. And then there's lingering problems for days afterwards. Suffice to say that plumbing issues, heating issues, internet connection issues have left me behind my schedule and I haven't been able to be on dA all that much at all. This week is not my friend.

Fortunately I've had the Manic Street Preachers to cheer me up with a wonderful session on BBC Radio 6. I watched it via the red button yesterday in order to see Wayne Murray, the Manics' live guitarist. Don't get me wrong I love the Manics anyway but I love Wayne more. I've adored him for many, many years now and so everytime I catch a sneaky glimpse of him behind James Dean Bradfield I just swoon.

So to cheer myself up more after a week of fail I'm just leaving the following here. I know you guys don't seem to share my musical tastes but, you know, someone might like one of them. Maybe.

The Firebrand by Gasara

No Comfort From Your Skin - Boy Cried Wolf
One of the most amazing songs ever in my opinion. Wayne's voice is just... ngh.

Your Love Alone Is Not Enough - Manic Street Preachers
Wayne's backing vocals, oh yes please. His and James' voices are perfect together.
(That's Wayne on the left in the preview, by the way. Again, he's not actually part of the band, just their live guitarist, so it's really nice to see him so prominently featured in this session)

If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next - Manic Street Preachers
My favourite Manics song. You will have feels.

So, yes. I'm off to go and catch up with things now. Enjoy the rest of your day/night, guys! <3

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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 11, 2013, 10:01 AM




If you have any questions, comments or concerns about anything relating to me, my art or any of my sites then please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always available here on deviantART or at any of the places listed on the left. It's always a pleasure to hear from you, my lovelies.